We’ve finally uploaded a bunch of sketches from our Friends of the Skateboard Heroes (FOSH) backlog including our awesome New York Comic Con 2011 acquisitions. Have a look at these many different interpretations of the oh-so-elusive Dr. Inferno. Check out the FOSH page now! (On the page – hover over the thumbnails for a few words about each sketch, then click to see a larger version.)


Today is the day, friends. Today we give you the last part of Genesis Chapter Two. This is it for the first ever Skateboard Heroes story. But it will not be the last. Let me repeat that: It will not be the last. The ongoing adventures of the Skateboard Heroes will be coming your way soon. Work has already begun on the next episode in the life of these two amazing young men.

In the meantime, you should tune in to this very website on a VERY regular basis because we will have plenty of other treats for you while waiting for the next story. Among other things we will have additions to the Friends of the Skateboard Heroes (FOSH) page, music downloads that will include the song Blaster is playing at the beginning of Chapter 2, as well as other Trooper Ferguson (the Heroes’ favorite post-punk skamonica band) hits, and maybe even a few short stories. Trust me – you won’t want to miss a thing!

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for:

Genesis Chapter Two: Part Three

Past Releases –
Genesis: Chapter Two: Part Two – released June 1, 2011
Genesis: Chapter Two: Part One – released May 25, 2011

Genesis: Chapter One –
Genesis: Chapter One: Part One – released April 20, 2011
Genesis: Chapter One: Part Two – released April 27, 2011
Genesis: Chapter One: Part Three – released May 4, 2011

We’ve finally done it – we’ve added the Friends of Skateboard Heroes (FOSH) page. See it there, linked up under the big banner? Check it out! We’re opening things up with a brilliant sketch of Dr. Inferno by illustrator Eric Deschamps whose myriad wonderful works include some of the most smokin’ Magic cards ever. Have a look!

One other note…we know you’ve been patiently waiting for the next Chapter of Genesis, the first full-length Skateboard Heroes story. We know you’ve watched the trailer and listened to that slamming background music dozens of times, you’ve download all 3 parts of Chapter One and you’ve memorized every word bubble. <Skate Break!> Well, friends, your patience will soon be rewarded. You heard it here first – Part One of Genesis Chapter Two will be here, on this very site, for your downloading and reading pleasure in just a few days… Wednesday May 25th to be exact. ‘Like’ our Facebook page for a reminder when the pages are available. See ya then!