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This is the drawing that started it all - one of the earliest Dr. Inferno sketches, and the inspiration piece for several of our FOSH artists. This was done by half of the Skateboard Heroes creation team, Jake (aka Blaster).

His work on the Secret Six (DC) and Heroes for Hire (Marvel) is some of our favorite. Brad is a great guy, an amazing artist, and was the first prof to tackle Dr. Inferno! -- by BRAD WALKERThis take on Dr. Inferno comes from the other Skateboard Heroes creator, Noah (aka Booster). He's an industry legend who has drawn all of the greats, from Spider-Man to Superman to Wonder Woman. And he takes on the greatest villain of all time - Dr. Inferno! -- by PHIL JIMENEZHis cards for Magic the Gathering are some of the best, and he's done some awesome video game design to boot. Check out this particularly sinister Dr. Inferno! -- by ERIC DESCHAMPSHalf of the team behind your favorite all-ages action in Tiny Titans and Young Justice. And he's a man who looks good in a hat. -- by ART BALTHAZARYou know you love his work on Tiny Titans and Young Justice and without a doubt he's the aw yeah man. So let's hear it for a Dr. Inferno that simply exudes EVIL! (and maybe a little aw yeah too) -- by FRANCOHe's a writer and an artist whose work spans from GI Joe to Heroes for Hire to Hack/Slash. We didn't have any paper handy but Tim made due with an amazing cover corner sketch of Dr. Inferno! -- by TIM SEELEYWith just the right amount of cajoling we pried this sketch from our favorite Spider-Girl scribe. Who says writers can't draw? --Paul Tobin

Another writer in the right place at the right time - at least as far as we're concerned. This British writer is known for his work on 2000AD along with a bunch of indies... oh yeah, and some work on Silver Surfer, Punisher, Ghost Rider, a couple X-titles...you know, little stuff like that. Anyway, he wanted to make sure Dr. Inferno scored some refreshment with his Beer-a-tronic claw attachment! -- by SI SPURRIERWe love her watercolor and illustration work, her beautiful Magic the Gathering cards, and most of all, her stunning new project, Flight of Angels. This is a rare treat, an original sketch we scored at NYCC 2011. -- by REBECCA GUAYYes, that's right. We got a sketch of Dr. Inferno tokin' on a bubble pipe from the creator of Flaming Carrot comics and the Mysterymen... on a paper plate! The good guys always prevail. -- by BOB BURDENIn the last couple of year she's been all over Batman and Superman, along with scores of other huge titles. And he's a really nice guy to boot. We love his unique take on Dr. Inferno from NYCC 2011. -- by DUSTIN NGUYENMan, how we loved his work on Supergirl, and the last couple of issues of Superman before the NEw 52 DC reboot. How about his new project, The Ray. Just awesome. So it should come as no surprise that our good friend Jamal put an incredible spin on Dr. Inferno. -- by JAMAL IGLEIt's not my Shoggoth... it's Dr. Inferno. -- by Adam BoltonSketched by a writer, can you tell? -- by JT KrulMaybe you saw his work on Awakening... -- by Alex Ecman LawnThe Dapper Men, The Wonderland Alphabet, and now her wonderful rendition of the bad doctor -- by Janet K. Lee

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  1. Those skateboard heroes are some handsome fellows! Great fun!! and, Drew, I enjoyed the music too!

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