Our roving representatives will be at New York Comic Con later this week handing. If you’re going to be there, be on the lookout for our rolling Skateboard Heroes cart and maybe you can score some free stuff. Stickers, comics and t-shirts. Keep your eyes open loyal friends!


A line from Blaster’s favorite movie. Didn’t know it was his favorite movie? Well, a little pin up in the upcoming print edition of Skateboard Heroes Issue #0 tells you that and more!

Anyway, we just want all of our friends to know that we’ve got a lot of great stuff coming soon. T-shirts, stickers and, of course, printed comics, are just the beginning. So stay tuned for more info. And if you don’t want to risk missing out ofr even a day while all your friends are stocking up on supercool skateboard Heroes gear, ‘like’ us on Facebook, facebook.com/skateboardheroes, ┬áto be notified as soon as our shelves are stocked!


Hey friends, we’ve been quiet for a couple of weeks, but there’s lots going on. T-shirts and stickers are being printed, pre-press on the first printed issue is almost complete, and right now we’re finishing up our new web site. Please bear with us as we work out the kinks.

Thanks, and check back soon for updates!

The trailer is ready, and that means the first issue of Skateboard Heroes is only days away. We’re still working out the details, but to start things off we will most likely be providing 4-6 page chunks of the first story as PDFs. If the response is as off the hook as we expect, it is only a matter of time until we print an actual issue.

Between now and the first PDF release, check this site frequently for all sort of Skateboard Heroes information. We’ll have background on the creation and evolution of Skateboard Heroes along with an overview of our method, information about our actors and models and if you play your cards right, interviews with the creators!

Until then, enjoy the trailer.

Coming soon, your first glance at the team everyone who’s anyone will be talking about: The Skateboard Heroes! Stay tuned and check back often because the first chapter of this glorious epic will be available here first.